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Interview coaching

Interview coaching


Get sharp and ready for your next interview – Including a 30-minute mock interview with your coach.

  • Convert job interviews into offers.
  • Learn how to talk about yourself with confidence.
  • Learn the best techniques for answering questions with proven frameworks.
  • Conquer interview nerves with practical tips.
  • Impress recruiters and hiring managers with great interview questions.
  • Validate if the job is right for you by asking the right questions.
  • Prepare – Provide us with your CV and any details about the job you are interviewing for.
  • Schedule – Book an online 1:1 video session with your career coach.
  • Learn – Learn interview techniques and best practices with an experienced career coach.
  • Review – Download a recording of the coaching session to practice your techniques.
  • Practice – Run through a mock interview with your coach and get real-time feedback (30 minutes, session 2).
  • Refine – Benefit from your coaching videos, training resources, ebook and blog articles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Shweta Chopade
Amazing Service

My LinkedIn and CV are amazing.
I also took the interview coaching session with Ben and it was incredible. I used the techniques shared by Ben have three job offers within a weeks time.
I highly recommend everyone to take their interview coaching session.

Ian Young
Thank you so much!

The whole experience with Sean was great. I got the full package including career coaching and after an hour with Sean he'd understood what I wanted, worked out where my weaknesses were and set me on the right path. The next day I was able to put the plan in action! The CV and cover letters were great and he went above and beyond to get these just right. My career is now on the right path and I'm now working on that next position!

Michelle Wade
Above and beyond!

Thoroughly enjoyed my coaching session with Sean, who has been extremely helpful and motivational each time weve spoken. If you havent already been in touch with Sean I recommend that you do to help take control of your career.

Adam M
Great experience

In the beginning, I just assumed Sean was exceptionally lucky to have amazing candidates coming through all the time. But after having the pleasure of working beside him I realised he is simply a very gifted and experienced professional.
We had an impossible task of building a small team from nothing within a tight deadline during the worlds longest and harshest lockdown and Sean certainly delivered.
Post working together officially, Sean has been an invaluable resource and coach.
I highly recommend anyone thinking about social or ethical procurement or seeking guidance on their career to have an in-depth conversation with Sean.

Milad Mohsenzadeh
Above and beyond!

I was impressed by Seanss ability to manage a superb GSA Employment Workshop at Unimelb. This natural skill of his has helped me get a clear pathway to my future career journey. I wish him all the best!

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