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Interview coaching (3 hours)

Interview coaching (3 hours)


Give yourself the best possible chance of success – Including mock interviews and bespoke answer and story development.

  • Convert job interviews into offers including tips for negotiating your offer.
  • Learn how to talk about yourself with confidence and practice selling your skills.
  • Learn the best techniques for answering all types of interview questions.
  • Develop an inventory of career stories that you can deploy for all common interview questions.
  • Plan ahead for any objections or gaps that might come up during the interview process.
  • Conquer interview nerves with practical tips.
  • Validate if the job is right for you by asking the right questions.
  • Build a powerful presence by refining body language, word choice and answer structures.
  • Prepare – Provide us with your CV and any details about the job you are interviewing for.
  • Schedule – Book your first online 1:1 video session with your career coach.
  • Learn – Learn interview techniques and best practices with an experienced career coach.
  • Schedule – Book your second online 1:1 video session with your career coach.
  • Learn – Prepare an inventory of stories and script out answers to common questions.
  • Practice – Practice delivery of your answers and stories with recorded feedback.
  • Schedule – Book your mock interview practice sessions with your career coach. (2 x 30 minute sessions)
  • Practice – Run through mock interviews with your coach and get realtime feedback.
  • Refine – Benefit from your coaching videos, training resources, ebook and blog articles.
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