Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some of the questions we hear most. If you still need help, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to assist!

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Can we meet?

We don't usually meet clients because face-to-face meetings are not needed to create a CV. We will have a few phone consultations but most of the work is done by email. This makes sense as we are creating a written document. Plus, we both save time and money on the commute. Coaching is done by Skype/Zoom or face-to-face if you live in Melbourne.

I have a broad range of skills that enable me to work in multiple roles and domains. Will a single CV be able to convey everything I can do?

Generally, yes, although it may depend on the industry. For example, CV’s in IT are fairly detailed 3-5 page documents that include almost all your responsibilities and achievements. They can most effectively target 2-3 job titles (which are logically linked). If you prefer, we can produce a more generalist CV that can cover more roles or we can write multiple versions of your CV. Contact us to discuss.

I want different versions of my CV so I can apply for different roles.

Your CV must showcase the mandatory skills and experience described in the job ad to have a chance of getting a phone interview.

Customising your CV for each job application can be very effective, especially if it is just adding a few sentences/keywords. The balance is that you may need to delete some content to add more. You also need to be careful of your message losing authenticity if the same recruiter/manager sees very different versions of your CV, especially if they don’t match your LinkedIn profile.

CV Writers + ITCV Writers can help you manage this risk and can also write different versions of your CV. A One-Page Resume is a powerful tool for presenting specialist skills without changing your CV. Contact us to discuss this further.

What do you mean by Cover Letter ‘Template’?

A Cover Letter Template is a MS Word document that contains a structure for writing a cover letter and suggestions on how fill it with content. These content suggestions have been customised for you personally. You will still need to spend time writing a new cover letter each time you use one.

There is no such thing as an effective One-Cover-Letter-For-All-Jobs. If you do not want to spend time customising a cover letter for an employer, don’t bother sending one.

Do I send Cover Letters to IT recruiters?

You don’t need to unless they specifically ask. Agency recruiters don't usually read cover letters so I don't recommend spending time writing one. You don’t know who their client is so you couldn’t customise it effectively anyway.

If your CV contains the right skills and experience, the recruiter will usually give you a phone interview. During the process they may ask you to write Selection Criteria which is passed onto the client.

What is the timeline to get the CV, LinkedIn and Cover Letter done?

Usually around 1-2 weeks. However, if you need to work slower that is ok. You set the pace. We can take up to six months to complete the process. You just need to keep in mind that the Satisfaction Guarantee expires three months after order date.

I need it faster!

We can turn around one-week assignments in 2-3 business days. Check out our Speed It Up service. If you need it even quicker than that, then contact us and we will see what we can do.

Can you create my CV in a webpage or weblink that I can forward to people?

We don’t offer this service as we think the best strategy is for your online professional profile to be on LinkedIn. It’s cheaper, the profile template they use is excellent, and you have a far greater chance of being found in searches.

If you want an alternative to attaching your CV to emails, save it as a document on Google Drive (or similar cloud service) and send people the link. When saved in the Cloud, make sure you check the document’s privacy settings are set to ‘Open with Link’.

Is it really that important to update my LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn is the largest and fastest-growing social network for professionals and is probably the best way to find professionals based on role and skillset. Recruiters now search LinkedIn before they advertise a role. If your profile is ‘found and liked’ at this stage, you can get an interview before the role is released to market, thus accessing the ‘hidden job market’.

Will you login into my LinkedIn account and update it for me?

LinkedIn does not allow you to give third party’s access to your personal LinkedIn account. Therefore, you must change your privacy settings and ‘cut & paste’ new content yourself (following our detailed instructions). We will give you all the help we can.

How do I protect my privacy on LinkedIn?

Our LinkedIn writing services include recommendations for your profile privacy settings as a job seeker. The LinkedIn Help Centre also provides comprehensive information on this topic.

Will my coaching/training sessions be face-to-face or over Skype?

We can conduct face-to-face training in the Melbourne CBD. Otherwise, video sessions are held over Skype/Zoom.

What happens if the signal drops out during Skype video calling and we can’t continue?

We are at the mercy of the network and if we encounter technical difficulties, will have to reschedule.

My family/work/holiday commitments mean I can’t respond to your questions as quickly as anticipated. Is this a problem?

You set the pace and we can take up to six months to complete the process. You just need to keep in mind that the Satisfaction Guarantee expires three months after order date.

What is a ‘Recruitment Strategy’?

Did you know most job vacancies aren’t advertised? Most roles are filled by Recruiters and Referrals before they are ‘released to market’.

To find these opportunities, which lie in the ‘hidden job market’, you need to create and execute a Recruitment Strategy. Its focus is simple: (1) Get in front of potential Hiring Managers, and (2) Convince the company to hire you.

I am an immigrant with no employment experience in Australia. I heard not having local experience is an obstacle to getting a job (a catch-22 situation). Will there be any difference in creating my CV and LinkedIn profile from this perspective?

Different countries do have different ways they like to see CV’s and we will customise your CV and LinkedIn profile for the Australian/NZ markets.

But just changing your CV is not enough, you need to combine it with a solid Recruitment Strategy. Download our free ‘How to Progress your IT Career’ guide and sign up for our blog to find out more.

Do I need Australian market expertise?

Not at all. Recent surveys indicate approximately 30% of people living in Australia were born overseas and skills acquired overseas are often highly valued.

Are you in Melbourne? If I were to relocate to Sydney, will your work on the CV still be valid?

CV Writers + ITCV Writers is based in Melbourne and the CV and LinkedIn profile is good for anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. We also have experience writing for international markets such as UK, US, Europe and the Middle East.

Is there any ongoing support provided? If yes, then in what form?

We are happy to provide some guidance in your job search and will even review the first couple of Cover Letters you write for free (if you purchased this service).

CV Writers + ITCV Writers also offers 1:1 interview training and coaching on how to develop your own Recruitment Strategy.

Is it cheaper if I send you my existing CV and we just upgrade that?

No. This is how we start every process. We don’t write CV’s from scratch (but can give you a template if that step is required). Instead we use the content from your most recent CV to form the foundation of your new CV.

Why do you collect my address/location at Checkout?

We need to verify which country you live in for tax and billing purposes. See our Terms for more details on our privacy policy.

Is there any help I can get regarding which Recruitment Agencies and companies I should approach?

CV Writers + ITCV Writers  is not affiliated to any agencies or employers. Review our Free Guide for the tools to create your own Recruitment Strategy, which will enable you to create a shortlist of agencies and companies to approach.

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