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Thinking of Having Your CV Written by AI? Here’s Why You Should Think Again

AI CV Writing


In the era of technological advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) has made its way into various aspects of our lives, including the creation of resumes and CVs with AI resume builders. While AI-generated documents may appear attractive and time-saving, it is important to recognize their limitations and the crucial role of skillful composition in crafting effective resumes and CVs. In this article, we will delve into the cons of AI-generated resumes, highlight the necessity of human involvement, and explain how resume and CV writing services provide superior assistance compared to AI algorithms.

AI-Generated Resumes and CVs

AI-generated resumes and CVs are created using complex algorithms that analyse vast amounts of data and extract relevant information. These algorithms aim to automate the resume writing process by generating content based on predefined patterns and keywords. While this approach may seem convenient, it often falls short in capturing the uniqueness and essence of an individual’s professional journey.

Cons of AI-Generated Resumes and CVs

Despite their growing popularity, AI-generated resumes and CVs suffer from several drawbacks. Firstly, they lack personalization. These algorithms tend to generalise information, resulting in documents that fail to reflect an individual’s specific skills, achievements, and career aspirations. Furthermore, AI resumes may overlook significant achievements or fail to highlight relevant experiences, as they rely heavily on keyword-based matching rather than contextual understanding.

Additionally, resumes generated by AI often lack the ability to adapt to different job requirements. They might not emphasise the specific skills or experiences that employers in a particular industry or role are seeking. Such a lack of customization can lead to missed opportunities and hinder the chances of securing interviews.

The Necessity of Personalised Expertise

Resumes and CVs are not just about listing experiences and qualifications; they serve as an opportunity to showcase one’s unique value proposition. Human insight and understanding play a vital role in shaping these documents. Professionals have a deeper understanding of industry-specific jargon, current market trends, and effective resume writing practices. They possess the expertise to tailor content to suit individual needs, ensuring that key accomplishments are highlighted and relevant skills are showcased appropriately. AI resume builders fall short in offering you attributes that could separate your resume or CV from that of other candidates.

Furthermore, human writers bring a creative element to the process. They can craft compelling narratives that capture the reader’s attention and leave a lasting impression. By delving into the nuances of an individual’s career journey, a human writer can bring out their personality, aspirations, and potential, which is often missed by AI-generated algorithms.

Resume and CV Writing Services: Your Best Choice

When it comes to creating impactful resumes and CVs, resume and CV writing services offer a significant advantage over AI-generated alternatives. If you take CV Writers as an example, our clients get direct access to professional writers who possess the expertise to curate exceptional documents. They invest time in understanding a client’s background, career goals, and industry-specific requirements to create personalised, compelling content.

Resume and CV writing services also offer a collaborative approach, engaging in one-on-one consultations to gather crucial information and clarify any doubts. This personalised interaction allows professionals to communicate their unique value effectively, while the writers provide guidance on structuring, formatting, and optimising content for maximum impact.

Reputable resume and CV writing services stay updated with industry trends and understand the evolving demands of applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by companies to screen candidates. They employ strategies to ensure that resumes and CVs are optimised for ATS compatibility, maximising the chances of getting noticed by potential employers.


While AI-generated resumes and CVs may seem alluring in their simplicity and speed, they often lack the personalization, adaptability, and creativity that only human writers can provide. To add to that, many recruiters discourage AI generated resumes and cover letters and have also taken to deploying AI resume screening tools to filter AI generated resumes. When it comes to crafting effective resumes and CVs that stand out, tailored proficiency remains invaluable. By leveraging the expertise of resume and CV writing services, professionals can ensure their documents encapsulate their unique professional journey, enhancing their prospects in today’s competitive job market.

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