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Tax Deductibility of CV Writing Services in Australia: An Overview

Tax Deductibility


In today’s competitive job market, standing out from the crowd is crucial for career advancement. As professionals seek to enhance their employment prospects, many turn to CV writing and career coaching services for expert guidance. One question that often arises is whether the expenses incurred on such services are tax deductible. While this matter is subject to individual circumstances and professional advice, this article aims to provide a general overview of the taxation aspects of availing CV services in Australia.

Understanding Tax Deductibility

In Australia, the tax deductibility of expenses depends on their connection to income-producing activities. Generally, expenses incurred in the course of gaining or producing assessable income are deductible. However, personal or private expenses are typically not tax deductible. When it comes to CV writing services, the deductibility of expenses can be a grey area due to the personal nature of the service.

Nature of CV Writing Services

CV writing services assist professionals in crafting effective resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. They provide personalised advice, improve the presentation of skills and qualifications, and enhance overall employability. While these services can undoubtedly enhance a job seeker’s chances, the tax deductibility of such expenses hinges on their connection to income-producing activities.

Potential Arguments for Deductibility

  • Enhancing employability: A strong argument for deductibility is that CV writing services directly contribute to improving employability and increasing the likelihood of securing income-generating opportunities. As a result, the expenses could be considered an investment in one’s career development.
  • Connection to current employment: If a professional seeks CV services to advance within their existing employment, such as applying for a promotion or a higher salary, the expenses could be viewed as directly related to their current income-producing activities.
  • Occupation-specific requirements: Certain industries or roles may require specific resume formats or professional profiles. If a CV writing service assists in aligning a professional’s credentials with these requirements, it could be argued that the expenses are necessary for income generation in those specific fields.

Arguments Against Deductibility

  • Personal and non-income generating: The counterargument is that CV writing services primarily serve a personal purpose, as they focus on individual skills and qualifications rather than specific work-related tasks. Expenses incurred for personal purposes are generally not tax deductible.
  • Job-seeking expenses: Expenses related to finding new employment, such as job search websites or recruitment agency fees, are not typically deductible unless the individual is transitioning within the same occupation or industry.

Seeking Professional Advice

Given the complexity and individual nature of taxation matters, it is crucial to consult a qualified tax adviser to determine the deductibility of CV writing services in specific situations. A tax adviser can assess the expenses in the context of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) guidelines, taking into account factors such as the nature of employment, industry requirements, and the purpose of availing such services.


While the tax deductibility of CV writing services remains a grey area, it is essential to seek professional advice tailored to individual circumstances. A qualified tax adviser can provide guidance based on current legislation and ATO guidelines. It is advisable to maintain accurate records of expenses and consult with a tax adviser to ensure compliance and maximise potential tax benefits. Remember, this article does not provide tax advice but rather offers an overview of the topic to assist readers in making informed decisions regarding their CV service expenses.

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