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Essential Components of an Academic CV


What is an Academic CV?

Academic CVs are a category of CV tailored to those working in academia. Academic CVs are rarely used outside academic settings, and never for industry roles outside of research and development. These CVs provide a larger picture of your academic accolades as well as research experience in retrospect, without leaving any details behind.

What Should I Include in an Academic CV?

Academic CVs do share some content with conventional CV formats including – 

Contact Information
This section should include your full name, current professional title, and updated contact information (email, phone number and address). If you’re on LinkedIn you can also include a link to your LinkedIn profile. 

This section would include every degree you have completed so far in reverse chronological order highlighting institutions, degrees earned, graduation dates, dissertation/thesis titles and any academic honours or distinctions.

The additional sections that make academic CVs distinct are –  

Research Interests
This section provides a snapshot of your research interests including all fields your work focuses on.

As a researcher you ought to have publications. You can list these publications by splitting them into categories such as journal articles, conference papers, and books.

Research and Teaching Experience
This section should include your research positions and projects, as well as your teaching experience (if you have had any) with courses taught, institutions, and dates.

If you’re associated with any particular organisations or groups, listing these on your academic resume showcases your commitment to staying connected with broader scholarly networks.

Grants, Awards, and Honours
Highlight any external funding, fellowships, or awards received as a recognition of your contributions to your field.

Unlike other CVs that have an optimum length, rules related to the length and content of other types of CVs do not apply to academic CVs. Over the course of a career, an academic CV grows in page count as it needs to include all roles, all publications, all conferences and events etc. A senior professor may have a 10 to 20 page CV based on their experience. An academic just getting started in their career however may have a comparatively lesser page count in their CV. Based on experience, some academics may also have additional sections in their CVs like Patents and Funding.

Regardless of the kind of CV you’re drafting, highlighting relevant experiences through optimised content that gets your CV through the ATS often takes expert hands, which is exactly what we’re experts at. Looking for suggestions? Contact us to talk to an Australian CV expert for FREE!

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Ben Wood

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