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Best Job Sites in Australia


Thousands of jobs are posted everyday on myriads of online marketplaces, and keeping up with the ever changing landscape often demands flipping through one too many websites. This workflow can be overwhelming, especially when it’s your first time looking for positions. Based on over a decade of experience working with both early career and executive customers, we curated a list of top 5 job search websites that can make it easy for you to track listings, without having to spend hours staring at job descriptions. Here are the top 8 job search websites in the Australian job market –


SEEK has been in the online employment marketplace for more than 25 years, boasting as many as 60M candidate relationships. SEEK provides job listings spanning across multiple technological and non-technological roles from junior to senior levels. SEEK also has a promising geographical reach, and operates in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Latin America. Additionally, SEEK has comparatively more job listings than LinkedIn because from a recruiter’s perspective, advertising on LinkedIn is far more expensive than other online marketplaces. Since SEEK is cheaper, smaller companies also lean towards posting job ads on SEEK. So you’ll naturally see more variety in SEEK’s listings as compared to other online marketplaces.

PRO TIP: Make sure your profile is kept up to date and the information is perfectly in sync with your CV and target role.

In a candidate’s market, often, updating your SEEK profile is all it takes to get contacted for great roles.


LinkedIn is currently a popular choice among both recruiters and job seekers when it comes to hiring and job search. With millions of vacancy listings, you can find remote, on-site and hybrid jobs across a variety of industries in almost anywhere on the globe. If you have an active and updated LinkedIn profile, job search on LinkedIn becomes 10x easier.

PRO TIP: Use skills and keywords to optimise your profile to get headhunted.


Indeed is known for its user-friendly interface and extensive job listings. It aggregates jobs from various sources, providing a diverse range of opportunities suitable for job seekers from any background. Like both SEEK and LinkedIn, you can customise job alerts on Indeed based on your preferences, allowing you to keep up with dynamic vacancy updates.

Australian Government JobSearch

If you’re looking for open positions in the Australian Public Service (APS), a good starting point to look for jobs is the Australian Government JobSearch website. This is a compact resource for all things APS, that not only lists vacancies, but is also enriched with resources that help you understand the APS landscape.


CareerOne is another prominent job portal in Australia, offering a broad spectrum of job opportunities across different industries in major Australian cities. It can be particularly beneficial for professionals seeking roles in IT, Telecommunications, and Engineering.

If you’re looking for roles in a non-profit organisation, is the perfect place to look for roles that suit your skills. Ethical Jobs is an Australian online job platform that focuses on connecting job seekers with opportunities in organisations that prioritise social and environmental impact. It is specifically known for featuring job listings in the not-for-profit, social enterprise, and community sectors. If you’re an early career graduate or seeking for opportunities to obtain some hands-on experience from the get-go, EthicalJobs can be a great place to get headhunted.


Jora is an online job search platform that operates globally, including in Australia. The platform covers a broad spectrum of job opportunities, making it suitable for professionals and executives across different sectors. Jora aggregates job listings from various sources, including company websites, job boards, and recruitment agencies. This aggregation ensures that users have access to a broad and diverse range of job opportunities within a single platform.

Times Higher Education Unijobs

THE Unijobs is a great platform to get started with job hunting if you’re looking for academic roles. THE Unijobs covers a diverse range of job categories within higher education, including teaching positions, research roles, academic leadership positions, administrative roles, and more. This diversity caters to professionals with varied backgrounds and career aspirations.

Best Features to Utilise on Job Search Platforms

✓ Keyword optimisation based on role and job description and preferences.

✓ Employer ratings and comments.

✓ Resume uploader and profile builders.

✓ Customised job alerts.

✓ Networking opportunities (if any exist).

✓ Blogs, learning materials and resources.

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Ben Wood

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