The purpose of the cover letter is to get your CV or resume elevated to the top of applicants. However, it is difficult to inspire interest when your letter is like the other 50 in the pile; repetitive, copied and pasted, and unconvincing.

Great cover letter writing will set you apart, while poor cover letters may make you look uninspiring and lazy.

They are are a critical part of selling yourself in a job application and form part of your first impression. They must clearly showcase why you are perfect for the job.

Some basics must be included – after all, this is the first screening point you need to pass. For a good framework to follow, read our blog: Cover Letter Writing : The Ultimate “How To” Guide

To avoid the top 5 mistakes in cover letter writing, read on.

Mistake 1: It is not a synopsis of your CV or resume

A cover letter is not a summary of your CV or resume. It is your opportunity to tease the reader with some bold statements that entice them to open your CV and read more. Use your cover letter to show the hiring manager or recruiter your enthusiasm, personality and why you are worthy of further attention.

Tick the boxes of what they’re looking for, but value capturing their interest, over lengthy descriptions of your experience.

Mistake 2: You didn’t do enough research.

Do your research on the organisation and add in a fact or two about recent changes, accomplishments, culture or recognition they have received.

Don’t say “I want to work for a top manufacturing company”, instead say “I’ve noticed your new product range and expansion into China, and I would love to be part of that growth and success story”. Or “Congratulations on your recent industry award, great to see you are recognised for innovative thinking.

Mistake 3: Get to the point

Imagine being a recruiter with 50 CVs that need to be screened in the next 30 minutes. When going through the CVs, they come across a 2-page cover letter with blocks of paragraphs. Do you think they will dedicate the time to read the whole 2-page cover letter? Speed is of the essence in recruitment so probably not. Then they come to a one-page cover letter with lots of white space that looks easy to scan and digest. Will they read this one? That’s much more likely.

So, keep your cover letters to one page (or shorter), that is well-spaced out with easy-to-scan bullet points, lots of white space and eye-catching headings. Cover letters are scanned quickly. If you make it easy to read, they may invest more time.

Your letter needs to read well, but don’t waste time on fluff or stuffy, formal letter writing structures that are outdated and unnecessary. Get to the point.

Mistake 4: Being lazy and sending a generic letter

Always tailor your letter to the company and the role. Always always always.

Re-write. Edit. Customise. Ideally, include the hiring manager’s name if you can. Make a phone call and try to find out whom to address the letter to.

People spend less time reading letters addressed “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam” than one addressed to themselves or a colleague.

Flicking out applications left, right and centre will only work if you are sending out quality applications.

Mistake 5: Can you spell?

Proofread, proofread, proofread. A cover letter with grammatical and spelling mistakes screams unprofessionalism, a lack of attention to detail, carelessness and poor communication skills. It’s seriously that bad.

So, take the time to keep reviewing your cover letter, line by line, word by word, until you find nothing that needs to be changed.

The free Grammarly app is an excellent tool for spelling and grammar reviews. Plus you need to make sure you customise your language preferences and spelling to suit your target location – e.g. US vs. UK English.

Once you have hit the point where you can’t find anything to fix, give it to someone else to thoroughly review as well. Ideally, this person has strong attention to detail, excellent literacy skills and gets truly upset if they see a missing full stop or spelling mistake.

Poorly written letters with typos are not going to get you a call-back.


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