Job seeking program

For people who want to secure a new job fast (3 sessions)

Key Features

Help you secure a new job fast with three online one-on-one sessions.

Create a valuable personal brand that maximises your salary potential.

Find job opportunities in the hidden job market and apply for jobs effectively.

Learn to work well with recruiters and connect with hiring managers.

Sell your skills and talk confidently about yourself in interviews.

Leverage the power of LinkedIn and build your career community.


  • Prepare | Complete our online Career Requirements assessment.
  • Schedule – Book your first online 1:1 video session with your career coach.
  • Session 1 | Design a custom Personal branding strategy. Learn how to use LinkedIn for job seeking.
  • Session 2 | Navigate the end-to-end job-seeking process with tools and tips for each step.
  • Session 3 | Learn interview tactics, improve confidence and fine-tune answers in a mock interview and interview coaching session.
  • Review – Download recordings to watch any session again.
  • Refine – Continue to use the program’s tools to make the right career decisions.
  • Reflect – Share your feedback in our 2-minute Customer Survey – for every review, we plant a native tree through the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund.