The candidate who asks the best questions usually gets the job (versus the person with the best answers). This is because good questions showcase intelligence, engagement, listening skills and the ability to clarify information before making a decision (theoretically leading to better decision making). Question preparation is a critical part of your interview preparation training, so make sure you use these interview tips.

Here are our ten best IT interview questions to ask interviewers

1) Why did you join the company? What has changed since then?
2) How did this opportunity come about?
3) How would you measure my success?
4) What would make someone really successful in this role and company?
5) What impact would I have on the team if I get hired?
6) Tell me about your team culture and management style.
7) Where do you see the company going in the next year? 5 years?
8) Where is the company placed in the marketplace? What are its key differentiators from competitors?
9) What’s an example of a client/technical challenge you’ve recently faced? Then address how you would tackle that challenge in your ‘thank you’ note.
10) What’s the question you really want to ask me but haven’t? Cheeky but may get the interviewer engaged if they seem hesitant/uninterested.


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